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The Catacombs in Paris and Medieval Bridge, 2 in 1 – [LDD]

The Catacombs, Les Catacombes, in Paris - 2 in 1

The Catacombs in Paris is a very exciting and also spooky place. So it goes well with a lot of skeletons and skulls.
The model is built around two City Road Plate of 8 x 16 with two sidewalks on 4 studs each. 

To descend into the Catacombers, there is a secret descent hidden in the pavement that only our hero knows.

Our explorer climbs down a long ladder and comes down to a large collection of skeletons stacked neatly with arms, legs, body and skulls separately. There is also a hidden treasure of the Catacombers. And an underground river.

The upper part of the structure, the street with City Road Plates and a typical Parisian street lamp, can be taken off and part of the wall can be opened.

There are also plates with tampon print which glow in the dark.

All new stickers are drawn in Microsoft Power Point and adapted to LDD's standard size.

There are 855 pieces and 335 building steps.

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