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Winter Update

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: the Winter update of this set! Now featuring a christmas tree along with a family and their dog having fun in the snow. The twin boys are having a snowball fight while their mom is ice skating and dad building a snowman with his daughter while the family dog supervises. And with Santa close by putting presents under the tree for each of them.


Fall Update

Just like the Spring and Summer update this one didn't take too long. And now, the Fall update! The leaves are all changing colors and are falling down to earth and in the water while others are being raked up into piles for the kidos to jump in and have fun! In this scene, we have an older brother playing hide-n'-seek with his younger sister, who's hiding behind a big pile of leaves, and a fox supervising them. Why a fox? I love foxes and had to put one in this scene since fall decor sometimes have foxes depicted in them. One more update to go.


Summer Update

This one didn't take too long to do but here it is; the Summer update! Featuring four new animals: a squirrel, a turtle, a dog, and a skunk. This scene is a man going on a camping trip with his dog, mainly "roughing it", hiked all the way from the parking lot to this serene spot to set up the tent. "Why is a skunk carefully watching the man and his dog?", you may ask: he's planing on foraging through the man's leftovers for dinner.


Spring Update

I just finished the Spring update of this set. Things updated are the terrain with a sloping edge at the base, some flowers, and the pond that now features cattails and lilypads; I also have added animals to the set like a bunny, a bird, and a frog. I also wanted to give this scene some mini-figures to show what's going on; in this scene for spring it's a family out having a picnic with the mother staying on the picnic blanket playing with her baby daughter while the father and son are playing a game of baseball. Updates for summer, fall, and winter are underway and will be updated as soon as possible.

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