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Forest Ambush


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A wood elf is wandering amid the trees when he is savagely ambushed by two goblins, seeking to rob him and keep his loot in their secret cave. Can he escape them?

This could potentially fit in with any medieval theme, even Middle Earth. Since this model is quite rectangular, I thought it could perhaps be a new theme of linier sets which clip together in varying order. In this manner you could make your own landscapes and towns.

Notes: The sword and apple are supposed to go in the barrel and on the table, inside the cave. The software does not allow me to do this but it is just a suggestion.
The goblins were based on and inspired by the new 'Goblin', from 'Lego Minifigures'. Unfortunately his pieces have not yet been added to Lego Digital Designer. So, all markings on the minifigures are mere suggestions.

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