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Lego Wizard's House

  I also like to build medieval buildings. I remembered the old castle sets and got an idea of making 
a wizard's house. This set is made of 779 Lego bricks. There is a kitchen in the 1st floor and in the 2nd
floor there is a bedroom. The kitchen has a stove, a table and chairs. And a fireplace is next to the table. The bedroom has a bed, a big pot and a bookshelf.  A magic spell book is hidden under the bed. You can see it if you separate the bed from the floor. The big pot is for making magic potions. A telescope is next to the bookshelf. The wizard can see constellations and predict fortune.
  Pots and pans, magic potions, wizard's broom

  I hope you like this set!  and if you like it, please support!

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