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The Halloween Chess


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Hello / good evening to you all!

To celebrate Halloween (a little late), I present my last chessboard everything went right from my imagination: The Halloween Chess!

As my previous chessboard (The Classic Chest), it is simple, mounted on 4 legs and sculpted corner thanks to microfigs. However, it is however greater than The Classic Chest as strips divide the game boxes. The bordurent are made discreetly and come bring finesse. Yet, 4 points out of these tips to remind that it is a chessboard on the Halloween theme with the skull-topped helmet bat mouse.
Let's talk about the game board boxes: they are black and orange. Not for an effect "stylish" but because the colors were Halloween. These fields are separated by dark red strips for blood side and intersections in sand yellow because this color is neutral and goes well with the other three colors.

Now the parts. Let's start with the parts that differ between each camp:
=> The Queen: A queen with skeletal legs, a black body, a female monster head all with a smile bat and a samurai helmet gray plastron.
It is equipped with an ax with a handle golden bone and trans-red plates. She wades into the blood and remains a skeletal arm.
=> The King: A golden figure with a monster equipped with a spear and shield golden tip. Behind Egyptian sabers to refer to the orange side = Egypt. An orange snake reinforces the king side and make clear that it is the king oranges.

=> The Queen: All dressed in black (the body is a body for the Empire's pilots in SW), a head with three eyes and mouth more than disgusting with black punk crest. In the back are located its fly wings. It is equipped with a kitchen ax and a saw ice in gold. The piece is frozen in time at the setting part of a skeleton (minifig certainly eaten before). Obviously, it flounders also in the blood.
=> King: Almost identical to its orange counterpart, there are just arms, head and changing the snake (the snake is dark blue to black default).

By pursuing the common rooms.
-The Towers: They are closed jars with a golden lid itself topped with a monster head. One suspects that there is no water in ...
-The Riders are made of a horse makes parts attached to their pedestal and it is stronger than it seems ...;)
-The Crazy: Crazy people are willed can a humorous with their teddy that goes perfectly with their sad. A scepter is present to show their rank as advisers of the queen and king, so to put next to them.

I have not yet spoken pawns. Only because I find that there is nothing to clarify with respect to pictures. They are simple and identical so they are pawns.

Now finish by pedestals because they have a small importance in the overall design. It is quite simple, round brick 4 1x1, 1x2 ridge tile end 4/45 and 4 bricks with a pad, all these pieces bear the minifig above. The pedestals of the king and queen present the same pattern but in duplicate axial symmetry (inverted relative to the other). The pawns are without pedestals but are entitled to a barrier around them gold.

Now some figures:
Game Board: 758 bricks
game rooms: 918 bricks

Thank you all for reading and if you would please her was, voted for this project see my other projects:

PS: Sorry for the mistakes I used google trad '

See you at Christmas !