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1930's John Deere Model B


Hey Fellow Lego And John Deere Fans !

My Latest entry into the Lego Ideas Group Is a 1930's John Deere Model B Un-styled

Ive always been a big fan of the John Deere Tractors, and this is my first attempt at creating a tractor. 

It is based of the 1937 Model B, it is not 100 percent accurate but i needed to alter a few things to include all the functions i was going for,

This tractor has a working PTO shaft that is connected internally to the rear wheels. Also connected is the flywheel, and rad fan. In order to get these internals i had to increase the size of the back end of this tractor to accommodate. which i hope didn't take away too much from the look of the real life inspiration.

Another area i had to make a choice on was the steering. given this models exposed steering mast, it was going to be too cumbersome to make the actual steering wheel turn the front tires. So to still add play-ability and not compromise the front aesthetics i have it set up as a castor type of function. given the narrow foot print of the front wheels this works well as you just turn it the direction you want the tractor to go and the wheels will follow right along :)

This set was built using LDD and rendered in StudIO, as well as the decals were created in parts designer.

It was also a must to have the PTO shaft function so that if someone were to make this tractor they could come up with lots of trailers and attachments !  :)

Total piece count is 540 pcs. Wich i think would be a great ! Hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it ! please feel free to comment as feedback is always appreciated 

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