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The Blue Biplane


This biplane takes the pilot everywhere they wish! It's almost magic, but it's not. It's just a normal engine powered by normal fuel...or is it?

This model depicts a biplane, in a dark blue; hence the name "The Blue Biplane". The model includes a small runway segment, the biplane, of course, and two minifigures. One, a pilot and the other being a grownd grew member. The runway has a wind sock, an oil barrel and a decorative black frame at the bottom. The propellar is able to spin, and the plane is able to roll on its three wheels. This project is mainly towards the model side, rather than a playset, but that didn't stop me from adding the features that made a Lego plane fun to use!  

Lego hasn't created a mnifigure sized biplane in a long time. I first started brainstorming about Lego vehicles and unique ones. I finally came to the conclusion of a biplane and the unique history and design behind it. I enjoyed creating this model, especially designing the body of the plane. 

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