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Brick Candy Corporation's Dessert Mech


There is one thing that everyone loves! and thats dessert!
from sweets to fruits, everyone loves something to munch on after a meal.

here at Brick Candy Co. (BCC) we have found the need of mini figures to get their just desserts! We have successfully developed a new mech that dispenses candy instantaneously and efficiently using the latest manufacturing techniques!

This new model has 3 gum ball launchers on the right arm, and a left arm that can hold up a giant banana!
it is also equipped with 2 extra large cannons on the rear, one fires chocolate, and the other syrup!
the mech also comes with boosters to help it maneuver and its entire top part can spin 360 degrees.

The control panel also features 4 levers and a couple of valves and controls for all the candy - distributing powers! The mech also runs on cookie power (the brown disk behind the cockpit) which provides it with enough carbohydrates and sugars to keep it running!

Play Features

  • 3 stud shooters (gum ball shooters)
  • minifig can pilot the mech
  • mech has full articulation of the hands and legs
  • Its in red
  • opening cockpit

Set Includes

  • Dessert Mech
  • 1 Brick Candy Co. Minifig engineer 
  • 1 Banana sword

Caution: All parts are made from Lego bricks, they are not made of human food, they are made from ancient fossils millions of years ago , please do not eat them, only brick based lifeforms can eat them, not humans.

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