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Beachfront Boardwalk


Here is my latest project: The Beachfront Boardwalk!

On the lowest level (right on the boardwalk itself), there is a small pizzeria with an indoor brick oven and outdoor seating. Next door, minifigures (not depicted in my renderings) can visit the souvenir shack for items like t-shirts, sunglasses, or posters, or they can stroll to the fun arcade-style game and squirt water at a rather large target to win a fun, cuddly teddy bear. Towering over the rest of the model is the massive boardwalk hotel, where minifigures can rent a room and stay for the night to wake up to a fabulous view of the boardwalk (and the beach). The building features a lobby with check-in desk and keys, stairs winding up the entire building, and two hotel rooms.

Around the back of the model, there is sand, an outdoor shower nozzle for rinsing off, and a set of stairs leading to the two apartments available for Lego minifigure tourists to rent. The first contains a bunkbed, a desk with a microbuild ship-in-a-bottle, and a small kitchen. With its loft-bed and small stove, the smaller apartment will also accomodate figures.

I am pleased to finally present this two thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven piece model on Lego Ideas, as it took quite a long time to plan and build. At long last, it is completed and I hope to see it succeed. If you like this, please support it! Thanks again!

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