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Swiss Chalet in Winter

Fully playable Chalet set up in winter. By removing the snow you turn it into a summer setting.

Last year, I've made my first attempts to model a chalet and this year I took this idea back up again and fine-tuned the details.

In this model, which contains something over 600 pieces, including two minifigs, you'll see a lot of architectural details and accessories to make playing with this set a great experience. Note also that my goal was to make an under-75$ so that it is accessible for everyone.

at the basement, you'll find a shelf with stuff on it, a shelter for the flowers - which can be hung on the balcony as soon as it gets warmer, a place to chop the wood when it's freezing outside, and tools to clean the yard from the snow.

On the upper floor, you'll find the cosy living space with a tiled stove as well as a bunk bed.

For your reference Lego had a so-called Swiss Chalet in 1971. Quite honestly, it was not really obvious that it was a chalet. True, in the 70's the variety of the pieces and colors was not so rich as they are today...

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