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Classic Space Jenga - Just Add Gravity!


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If there is one game that is designed to be built with Legos, it is Jenga.  The rectangular blocks are perfect for being recreated with Legos.  However, the simplicity of building such a set can be rather repetitive and boring.  So introducing Classic Space Jenga!

Sure, the build is still repetitive and boring, but... thanks to the Classic Space theme, you now have plenty of hard to find bricks that are perfect for creating your own, not-so-boring MOCs.  There are plenty of printed tiles and bricks, a variety of transparent yellow plates and bricks, as well as a handful of blue and gray plates and bricks.  With 721 classic space bricks available at your disposal, as well 4 minifigures, there is no limit to how many cool MOCs you can design and build.  Plus, you can still play Jenga whenever you want as it wouldn't take too long to rebuild the set.

Want to bring the set to a friends house to play?  No problem, you also build a box that is perfect for storing your assembled Jenga blocks, and can also be used to straighten out the blocks at the start of each game.

As for the minifigures, due to the size of Lego bricks, the model is a little small for a Jenga set.  As a result, it would be a bit difficult to fit your fingers in to push out blocks, so why not use a minifigure to give the blocks a kick?  Also, who doesn't want some more Classic Space minifigures?

Of course the best part, should this set come to fruition, just imagine how many Classic Space Ideas we will be able to build with this and ultimately turn into more Ideas sets!  So please support Lego astronauts all around the world and support this set.

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