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The Legend of Zelda Guardian (Minifigure Scale)


A Guardian enemy from The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

This model is made to be as close to mini figure scale as possible while still retaining appropriate and recognizable detail.

It can be moved from the stand for play or left on it as a really cool decoration for a desk or other display area. The arms are fully flexible and to head rotates 360 degrees, just like in the game. I'm sure this model will appeal towards all age ranges, it would be a fun toy and look cool on a shelf.

I was inspired to create this model after playing the game and noticing there where not that many mini figure scale guardian models made of Lego. I started with the base and built as I went, there were a lot of different versions but I am really happy with the final result!

This model is made of 858 bricks.

Thank you for checking out my idea!

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