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LEGO Star Wars Separatist Droid Landing Ship


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This set is the Droid landing ship, owned and used by the separatist eg. during the Battle of Naboo in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace to bring their Battledroid troops on the planet surface.

The set is about 38 cm wide, 20 cm long and 11 cm high.

It has four long wings, which are connected and in this case stabelized with/by the middle part: the cockpit and engine section.

The main functions of the set:

 - opening main doors and enoung room for one mini MTT

 - opening cockpit

 - removeable cargo-section (incl. 2 normal and 1 small blaster)

 - small storage room eg. for 2 Battledroids

For better playability there is also a retractable hold behind the cockpit.

The set would include:

   2 Battle Droids

   1 Battle Droid Pilot

   1-2 mini MTTs


I may also add more minifigs and/or armament to the set, if you want to (comments!!), so stay tuned for updates!

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