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The Lion King


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This one is my project number 4, and I've focused it on The Lion King.
I love this movie, it's clearly one of my favorites, mainly because I love Scar ;), and I'm always sad that LEGO hasn't made any sets from it, so maybe this will help my needs.
The project is composed of 3 different scenes and 8 different characters with exclusive prints for each one of them.

-The Circle of Life: here, I've represented the entrance scene from The Lion King with microscale characters over the famous mountain... Simba has been born!
-Be Prepared: In this second and smaller scene, I've shown how Scar convinced Shenzi, Banzai and Ed to take out Mufasa.

-Hakuna Mattata: This is the only one of the scenes that can be played with the characters because it's scaled. Anyway, it is a bit of terrain with a broken trunk and a ton of exclusive printed pieces representing Timon and Pumba's food... BUGS... Yummy!

-Simba and Nala
-Scar and Shenzi
-Timon and Pumba
-Rafiki and Zazu
Thanks a lot for everything! ;)

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