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Coral Reef


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 This colorful model represents a coral reef, swimming and crawling with Lego sea creatures.  I think it would be a perfect model to display. It includes many nice pieces in odd colors. It also has a diver in a dark swim suit. I believe this model would be fairly challenging to build. My personal favorite part of the model, is the way the fish look as if there swimming. I hope this could be a lego set. If you want this to become a set, please just press the support button.

More details:

  • This is a Coral made on LDD, complete with a  1 diver, 11 fish, 2 crabs, 3 starfish, and several sea plants.
  • The model's plants are on a sandy, rocky reef. It has many vividly colored plants and coral covered with life, just like a real coral reef. Although I did not use pictures to make my model's plants, I made them represent what the reef might look like.  
  • The diver has an oxygen tank, goggles, and swim fins. There are three different colors of fish: silver, olive green, and orange. There are also two different colors of crabs: red and yellow. And finally two colors of starfish: orange and transparent purple.
  •  It is made with 210 bricks
  • This creation is filled with life, swimming and crawling, in realist ways. My creation uses many cool pieces to make many shapes; for example, the transparent ice cream on top of the blue stalks.
  • This model would probably be too delicate to play with. Instead I could be an amazing model to display.  

 This is my first submission.


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