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Since the iconic Star Wars vehicle: the AT-RT, or All Terrain Recon Transport, is one of the coolest vehicles from the movies/TV show, I think that this project would be very successful as an official Lego set, and would be something that every hardcore Lego/Star Wars fan would be proud to add to their collection!

Please support if you agree!

Using Lego Digital Designer, and working primarily from a couple of pictures of the real AT-RT from the movies that I found on the internet, this model practically built itself! With the inspiration for how to design it flowing so well, I built this Lego creation in only about three or four days (If I remember correctly) - not counting several revisits for minor changes. The final brick count is 613!

Some things that I always like to see in what I would consider to be a good Lego set are functionality, stability, and accuracy. I tried to include these as much as I could in this project. In regards to functionality, I made sure as well as I could that it could bend, twist and move as much like the real thing as possible. With the final result being: everything that looks like a joint in this model is one. Since this project was made on Lego Digital Designer, I can't test its stability; however, in theory, this AT-RT should be able to balance and stay in whatever position you put it in (Within reason, of course), and most importantly: not fall apart at random. And finally, accuracy: Since I worked on this model primarily from pictures of the real thing, I was able to add small details (Like the headlight on the front), and make the parts of it more or less proportionally accurate. I would encourage you to compare my model to pictures the real thing to see how I did! 

Again, I think this Lego idea would make a great Lego set because it combines the fun of a flexible and sturdy toy with a realistic looking model that would enhance any Lego Star Wars fan's collection!

Don't hesitate to comment if you have any suggestions to make it better!

Thank you, and please support if you too would like to see this Lego Idea become reality!

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