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Scaled up 3x, you have the Goblin- 1x1 Brick (Blue),  Brute- 1x2 Brick (Red), Crabster- 2x2 Brick (Yellow), Ghosty- 1x1 Modified w/stud on one side (White) and Sludge- 1x1 Modified w/studs on four sides. A little like Mixels and little just like good old bricks. Easily take off the studs to stack them together! I made in only primary colors but the sky is the limit...well Lego's color availability is at least :)

Using a process I've seen before where you can triple up the dimensions of the specific brick or piece (if possible) to just make a larger brick and added some fun to them!

The piece count stays on the lower side making these guys pretty easy to assemble also allowing for  a larger collection.

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