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Hello! My love of LEGO and my interest in cryptozoology collide in this, my first LEGO Ideas submission: Jackalope! This set utilizes multiple SNOT techniques to give the Jackalope its organic shape. Its 766 pieces put it in an approachable price range for a fun but challenging build for seasoned LEGO fans. The set is designed to be roughly life-sized (perhaps a little on the small side).

I modeled this set idea after multiple examples of taxidermic jackalopes, trying to walk the line between "cute" and "fearsome critter." The plaque includes a pearl-gold hole at the top that would slip easily onto a nail or a picture hook.

My favorite thing in designing this set was creating the antlers, which ended up coming together much better than expected. The starting points for the set were the 2x2 wedge piece (shown in sand red) for the nose, and the "boat stud" eyes with catty-cornered black 1x1 plates to form that angled eye shape.

The biggest challenges were shaping the nose/mouth area, angling the eyes, so they're slightly visible looking straight on, angling the head out from the plaque, and concealing the rounded, bulky ends of the antlers in the top of the head.

Thank you for your interest. Play well!

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