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Connect Four Game - Vier Gewinnt

Hi LEGO fans,

experience the classic fun of "Connect Four" (or in German "4 Gewinnt") in a unique LEGO version!
This game provides hours of entertainment while encouraging creativity through the use of LEGO bricks.
I build it because I played it a lot when I was a child with my siblings and relatives. Even my grandpa and gradmom loved this game. It was always very exciting until the end and everyone could win here,
In this version the fun is multiple. Once when setting up and playing! And after the game you can build something else with all the bricks and maybe create a new board game.

The game is played on a vertical, hollow game board into which players take turns dropping their pieces. The game board consists of seven columns (vertical) and six rows (horizontal). Each player has 21 pieces of the same color. When a player drops a token into a column, it occupies the lowest empty space in the column. The winner is whoever places four or more of their game pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. The game ends in a draw if the game board is completely filled without a player forming a line of four.

The game can be played completely. The game pieces also consist of LEGO bricks in two different colors: yellow and purple. Each player is assigned a color and uses the corresponding LEGO bricks for their game. After playing, simply remove the bottom holder and the pieces will fall out from the board. Put the holder back in and the next game can begin.
You can completely take apart the game board. You can remove the two side columns and also detach the chip holder from the side columns.

The board has the following dimensions (width, length, height):
Studs: 78.0 x 20.0 x 55.2
Inches: 24.6 x 6.3 x 17.4
Centimeters: 62,4 x 16,0 x 44,2

The weight is about 3,6 kg and it exists of exactly 3.000 parts and 107 lots

So, who's ready to play a game with me?
Thanks for any support, comments or questions.

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