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Docklands Warehouse

What would happen to the city without the docklands warehouse? This historic place stores all the arriving shipments from abroad, currently busy with lots of glass bottles! The building's first floor is entirely devoted to storage, whilst the second floor is where the main guard rests and works, making sure everything is smooth and secure. In addition the ceiling is incredibly high and has windows from both sides, meaning it's bathed in natural light.

Connecting the secondary base, is a small bridge which can open up to let one of the fisherwoman through with her packed boat full of goodies. Small yet mighty, it definitely saves the employees lots of time.

The function of this secondary base is to temporarily store the goods as soon as they arrive, which will make sorting them into the warehouse a much easier process.

I had so much fun building this, I would love to see this build ending up in existing cities.
Thank you so much for reading and for your support!

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