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SpaceRace Civilian Cabin Cruiser

This vessel is a civilian cabin cruiser like spaceship, designed for short term flights of up to four people depending on your interior equipment choices. Pilot included!

Other variations would be either a crate instead of one passenger or a cocktailbar replacing two seatings. It's your choice! But make sure to put off that wig for the flight else it may get a little cramped in your seat! (at the current design-stage, may change once we get more serious)

After my first designed spaceship I still had some more creativity spare and sunk it into this one. That's pretty much all the reasoning.

Why would this make a great set? The reasons are very similar to my first design.

- space is a very popular theme. Star Wars for example is a strong franchise but it doesn't stop there regarding sci-fi. Adding non-licensed spacecraft to the LEGO cataloque would be a great addition to the sci-fi playverse aswell as supplying LEGO fans with more suitable parts to build even more great space ships!

- Small single-vehicle sets are more often than not a go-to products for gifts. Looking at the part value this would fit well in the 25€ range. A niche not exactly filled for sci-fi.

- Regarding the design itself I think it has some charme to it. A sleek design that combines round and edgy design elements, play features like a storage bay and fully retractable landing gear.

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