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The Brick Store - One of the oldest General Stores in the US

What is it?

This General Store is inspired by the "Brick Store" in New Hampshire, USA. It is said this store is the "Oldest Continuously Operated General Store in the USA".

I chose to let the backside of the house open, so that kids can play easily with their minifigures of their choice and create their fantastic storylines.

How is it been set up?

  • Inside
    • Looking from behind, the right part of the first floor is the actual shop area. On the left there is a   bar where you can sit and have a good time. Behind the bar is a large closet for storage of bottles.
    • The second floor can be reached via a central stairway
    • On the second floor is the restaurant with two tables and three cabinets where condiments and napkins can be stored. In the corners there are two plants.
    • The top floor has two hotel rooms with bed, shower and toilet. In between the hotel rooms there is a rooftop terrace with two benches.

  • Outside
    • Next to the store there are two parking places
    • In front of the building there is a wooden walkway with three benches
    • To assure proper lighting in the evening hours, there are 4 lamps at the ceiling


With this store kids can have endless storylines. What about the gentlemen sitting on the bench, waiting until his wife has done the groceries. Or the two businessmen having diner. Or the bartender serving drinks. The open structure at the backside gives kids the opportunity to play freely on all floors of the house.

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