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Old Vintage Tractor

Help plow the fields with this tractor! This is a vintage tractor.

This tractor is a nice piece to add to your collection of Lego City vehicles. The steering wheel has a realistic look to it because it goes down the side of the tractor to the motor. There are also two motors sticking out on the side of the front of the tractor, and there is another one on the top front of the tractor. Under the steering wheel, there are two pedals for driving and braking. Next to them are two different levers for control of the tractor. On the back, there is a hitch to attach plows or any other attachments needed to plow your own Lego field. It includes one minifigure which is a farmer.

If you want to have this idea as a set, please support it so maybe one day you could have it as your own!😎🚜🌾

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