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UCS Naboo Starfighter

This is a UCS Naboo Starfighter. It is about 35 cm wide and about 45 cm long.
It is a yellow-grey (actually silver, I know) Starfighter.

It´s Weapon Systems: two light twin laser-cannons and one torpedo launcher.

The bottom of the ship is pretty even, only the Torpedo Launcher (In the center of the picture!!!) sticks out.

The Ship has no Landing Gear, because it has repulsorlifts in Turbines and Torpedo Launcher.

top view on R2-D2´s head (rotates) and the inside of the Cockpit. Later the head would be printed, like R4-P17 at the UCS Model: "Obi-Wans Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor"

I hope you like and support the model!!!

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