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The Flash Pipeline

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After my Original design based on S.T.A.R. Labs ( Here's my second project based on CW's The Flash, Like with my previous set I've tried to keep this to a realistic scale while referencing to the show in as much detail as possible (with the LEGO twist ;) )

The Pipeline is a Metahuman Prison Located in S.T.A.R. Labs. It was built by Cisco and Harrison Wells into the remains of the old Particle Accelerator after it was damaged/destroyed by the explosion that caused Barry to become The Flash.
Designed to hold highly dangerous Metahumans it is made up of numerous containments cells that can withstand and contain their powers, preventing even the likes of Barry from getting out.

The set is built with two interchangeable containment cells which can slide on and off a holding platform behind the main door so you can swap between holding two villains, each cell has two levers on the side so that you can open/close the cell doors when its stationed.

The Main build is of the walkway which has its ramp with monitor and pipes running along the walls, and main door which you can slide up/down and keep held up with an arm at the back of the build, push down on lever to make the door drop shut.
Ideally I'd like the door to have stickers that show the circular pattern as seen in the show (as shown in the images, unfortunately I haven't the IT skills to add it to the LDD image :p )

While I appreciate there are a lot of characters people would like to see made into LEGO figures I've again limited the figures to a realistic number and made the selection based on those who would fit the scene...

The Flash - Barry needs to be included in any Flash set ;P

Cisco Ramon - Creator/engineer of pretty much everything in STAR Labs, equipped with the Weather Wand he created to help stop Weather Wizard

Joe West - Can't have a LEGO prison without a Cop... ;)
equipped with "The Boot", a gun designed by Cisco to help capture meta humans

Weather Wizard - One of the first villains held in the cells due to his ability to control/create the weather, such as his Ice/Hail balls which he can form in his hands to throw at his enemies.

Piped Piper - (aka Hartley Rathaway) Equipped with gauntlets capable of emitting deafening sonic vibrations, Originally a member of S.T.A.R. Labs he was against Harrison Wells using the Particle Accelerator and developed a rivalry with Cisco 

Captain Cold - (aka Leonard Snart) While never really held in the Pipeline, Snart did double cross Team Flash in releasing all the meta humans that were being held towards the end of season 1

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