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Jedi Training on Dagobah


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The training of the last Jedi is an iconic Star Wars moment set on Yoda's home planet of Dagobah. There has not been a new set depicting this part of the saga for some time, and none have allowed for the depiction of Yoda on Luke's back as he runs and swings through the swamps of Dagobah during his training. Yoda can be seen here peeking over Luke's shoulder. In the third and fourth additional images, you get a better look at the backpack and Yoda. 

Also, this set allows play, and the recreation of scenes, inside Yoda's hut. Yoda stirs the dinner as he leans over the fire and reminds Luke that it is also dinner time for the Jedi. All the while, R2D2 peeks into the hut through the window. Who can forget the moment of discovery when Luke finds that his new, green acquaintance is none other than the Jedi master?

Here, Luke will learn of the force that surrounds the rock, the trees, and all things. With clear bricks, it appears that Luke has them all floating in mid air. Here, Luke will also decide prematurely that it is time to go to his friends' aid as Yoda sits on a fallen tree and explains the wisdom of first completing the training. Luke cannot stay here while his friends are in danger, but he promises to return and he holds true to that promise. If you choose this set, all of these scenes and many more can be recreated and displayed. Please support this project if you'd like to see it produced!

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