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Victorian House


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          This house I designed and built was inspired by a Victorian house. It has two stories, which can be seen by removing the top parts of the houses - the roof and the upper story. To see the first story, remove the second story and roof. To see the second story, only remove the roof. The first and second stories have hardwood floors. To get to the balcony, someone can walk up the stairs from the first story and walk through the door. The front door is at the front of the house of the first story. The Victorian house has two fountains and a gazebo out front. This design has a walkway wrapping around the fountains and leading up to the gazebo. The gazebo has a small flowerbed on one side of it with a few red flowers growing in it. Around a portion of the house there are some flowers and plants to add some character to the building. A small creek runs behind the house, and it has a footbridge so people can cross it easily.

The first story includes: front door, stairs leading to balcony and hardwood floors.

The second story includes: six windows with shutters and hardwood floors.

Some of the main things to focus on in this house are its levels and the style of the roofing.

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