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The Golden Condor - The Mysterious Cities of Gold


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This LEGO project is based on the iconic 80s cartoon "The Mysterious Cities of Gold". Growing up, I loved to follow the adventures of Esteban, Zia and Tao, taken to the 4 corners of Latin America by the great Condor, in search of the cities of gold.

Gigantic bird entirely out of solid gold, evoking a plane, probably built by those which seem to be the ancestors of the Incas: the inhabitants of Mu.
It is discovered by Esteban and his companions on the Pachamama mountain. It appears for the first time in the 17th episode in a sequence of anthology.

My own creation is always a great success in exhibitions with young and old, and I am regularly asked if it is an official set. This is the reason why I am proposing this project to you: to make it a reality.

If you think this project would make a nice LEGO set, click on the blue support button and share the link on social networks. If it gets 10,000 supporters, it could become a true LEGO set sold in stores and online

The cockpit opens to reveal the cockpit.
The head can be raised and lowered.
The wings fold and unfold.
The legs fold and unfold.

Additional information:

In flight position: it has a wingspan of 86.8 cm, a length of 39.9 cm and a height of 14.4 cm with its support.
In the landing position: it has a wingspan of 75.6 cm, a length of 36.4 cm and a height of 29.7 cm.
Also included are some characters: Esteban, Zia and Tao and his parrot Picchu.
The set contains 1553 parts: 1509 parts for the condor and 44 parts for the minifigures.

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