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Lord of the rings Barad-dur


Barad dur is a set that I think deserves to be made into a set. This set is only 1,129 pieces, which I don't think is a  huge amount. This set has 6 floors and Sauron's eye at the top. The first floor is an entryway for orcs or any other servant of Sauron. The second floor is the throne room where Sauron can sit on his dark throne. The third floor is the palantir and ring room. Sauron has the 9 rings of men, and the 3 dwarf rings that weren't destroyed. The fourth floor has two prison cells for the prisoners the dark lord captures. The fifth floor is the armoury where most of the weapons are stored. The sixth floor has a chair and a table for the mouth of sauron to study whatever sauron gives him. The minifigures are sauron in armour, the mouth of sauron,and two orcs. Please support this!

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