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Hohoho... Santa Clause Is in My House!

Just like any other kids in the world, Dino has made his wish list and wrote them down to a postcard that he will send to Santa Clause.
Fortunately, Santa got that postcard and he's coming to Dino's house. And just like told in many stories, Santa uses the chimney to slide down and deliver the presents.
Mission accomplished! Santa put all the presents near the christmas tree. Time to relax a little bit since there's no other presents to deliver. Time to play the piano a liitle bit. Let's just play some joyful christmas song.
"Who's playing the piano so early?". Dino wake up and goes down to the living room.
Wow!!! There's Santa in my house!
Then he joins Santa and sings some songs together.

Revive the story with this legoset!
Including 2 minifigures

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