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The Greatest Showman: The Circus!


Ladies and gents this is the set that you've waited for!

Step right up and join in the excitement of the musical, The Greatest Showman! Watch your dreams come true as P. T. Barnum, with the help of his wife, Charity, opens his Circus full of wonders! Acts included are the Wheeler acrobatic dou, Tomb Thumb the smallest and bravest soldier, as well as the vocally gifted Bearded Lady. Need some financial assistance? Don't worry, since Phillip Carlyse is here to help! Think that the real estate in your city is overly expensive? Switch from building mode to tent mode. After all, the show must go on!

Minifigures included are: P T Barnum, Charity Barnum, Phillip Carlyse, Anne Wheeler, W.D. Wheeler, Lettie Lutz (The bearded lady), and Tom Thumb. Accsesorries include a top hat, cane, and other such things.

If you like Greatest Showman, this set, or both, please support and follow to see if it becomes a set from LEGO.

Whoa, This is the greatest show!!!

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