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Hey there! I am proud to present you with my latest product idea for yet another one of BBC's works of art, BLUEY! What better way to celebrate the release of season 3 to the rest of the world?
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Why I built it:
Because Bluey is such an amazing show! I absolutely love it and I believe it deserves to have its own LEGO set. And when I absolutely love a show, I tend to go a little crazy and I just have to build it out of LEGO! I Must!! I also tend to overanalyze the structures in my favorite kids shows, such as the Heeler's house, making mental notes on where things are placed and what the layout of the building is. Of course, I had to remember, that even though Bluey is super detailed in so many ways, it is still a kid show and as you probably know, houses and buildings never make logical sense in cartoons. XD
The House:
The Heeler's house is a build filled with lots of fun details and playability. I had so much fun filling it and the yard with fun items and furniture from the Bluey series such as the garden gnomes, the red flowers/red peppers, the yellow flowers/yellow peppers, the potted succulents/green peppers, and finally the mud puddle (also known as salad dressing). The house also can unfold into two separate parts and the second floors can detach from the main base.
For the interior, let's start with the entry room. This room contains a green lounge chair, a cabinet with a bone and lamp, Bandit's exercise ball, a hat stand holding Bluey's hat, a nice potted plant, some building blocks, and finally, an orange couch with cushions that easily pop off so Bluey and Bingo can make a pillow fort! Hooray!
Bluey and Bingo's room was my favorite to recreate. Its fun details include Bluey and Bingo's beds, the magic xylophone, the feather wand, the dresser, the salt lamp, a cute little photo of Bluey and Bingo, Greeny the balloon, and the watermelon rug.
The playroom was also a very enjoyable room to build. I loved filling it full of playful items such as Doctor Bingo's tent, the front desk holding their computer/book and Doctor Bingo's clampy thingy, the crown from the episode "Queens", the sandwich shop, the chicken rat egg and wand, and the kiwi rug. Also, just like the room from the show, I added a folding door at the back.
The last room I created is the kitchen. A nice spacious place to play 'keepy uppy'! Speaking of 'keepy uppy', this room contains the 'keepy uppy' balloon! May it rest in peace. It also includes that creepy bird, Chattermax, the duck cake, a kitchen counter and island with barstools, a fridge, and two balconies! One of which has folding doors and a cockatoo sitting on the railing. The second balcony has double doors and a potted yellow flower.
The process of building the Heeler house:
The Heeler's house is arguably one of the hardest builds I've ever created. How do you turn a house (that changes every episode), into a LEGO model? I just had to wing it. In the show, the house is pretty much just a huge maze with no definite shape or floor plan. That made it pretty hard for me to decide the shape of my model. I even looked up what the floor plan was, and nobody knows, not even the people who make Bluey know. I just had to go with what I knew for sure. The kitchen and dining area is on the top floor and is located at the back of the house. The playroom is located on the far-left corner of the bottom floor. Of course, the entry room was the easiest place to find. It's at the entrance! As far as Bluey and Bingo's room goes, I just placed it in the room I had in the front of the build, because that was the only empty space I had left.
The trickiest part was the roof! Good grief, that roof! Let me tell you, it was not your average pickle for sure. Have you noticed how the side roof pieces are actually at an odd, sideways angle? It is very hard to explain how it works. Let's just say that I was relying on a miracle that my technique would succeed in producing such a perfect shape. You can see how I built it in a YouTube video me and my brother @Brickey Scout made. You can watch it in the Update Section, or you can go to our channel. The link for our LEGO channel is below @Brickey Scout's account description.
The Characters and the process of making them:
The characters consist of Bandit, Chili, Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Lucky. The characters were the toughest things to get right. To turn a 2D dog marshmallow into a small LEGO figure is hard. It took me months just to build the characters and months longer to design the prints. It was a huge trial and error kind of a deal where I designed the models and the prints almost 50 different times each, or more. The characters went through many stages of development. And believe me, they used to look like freaks of nature before I got them right! After lots of failing, building, and rebuilding, I finally decided to base my models not off the show's characters, but the toys and action figures instead. I think that they all turned out great!
If you've noticed that Bandit and Chili's arms are a little stubby (even though they are heeler's and they're a bit stubby), that's because the software doesn't have the longer version of the technic minifigure arm. I would have given them longer arms if it did.
Other details:
I had to remove a few pieces from my original design, because it went over the max piece count of 3000. This build now contains 2997 LEGO elements!

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