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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Rotating Fireplace


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Ever since I saw the Last Crusade, I’ve been trying to build the rotating fireplace out of Legos.  When I first signed up for Ideas, I attempted to build it and failed miserably.  But after I was much more experienced in the “art of the brick” I tried again.  This time I was much more successful in the recreation of the classic scene.

A hard part was filling all the cracks with smooth tiles.  But the hardest part was getting the fireplace to rotate with walls around it.  This was very frustrating, but eventually I worked out the kinks and perfected that.

Indy and Henry Jones are sitting in two brown chairs tied together with a Spiderman rope piece tightly.  Getting the chairs into position with the minifigures was tricky, but I just kept trying until I got it.

The first side is the castle library in flames.  It has a wooden floor covered in several various Lego fire elements.  The second side with the German soldiers has a table covered in maps.  There wasn’t room to include any more, but the table seemed detailed enough for the whole room to look good.

Altogether, I think I did a pretty good job on my model, but that’s up to you to decide now.

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