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John Deere Tractor with Snow Plow - Winter Service


Since my childhood I love LEGO bricks and tractors. This is why I always hoped LEGO would produce a small but realistically build tractor.

Today I am 18 years old and honestly this wish still did not come true - I guess there are many other children and people out there hoping for a great tractor, aren´t you?

This is why I decided to build my own one in the winter of 2016 - and what is an appropriate tool in this time of a year? Exactly, the snow plow!  Well, I am sure there are a lot other utensils which would fit to this model but I decided to publish the original combination. The model from 2016 looked different to the final and published version but the colours stayed the same: a mainly green paint and yellow rims. This are the typical John Deere colours -  my favourite brand, probably beacause I eversince liked yellow things ;)

So, if you want to see this model in a LEGO Store I would be pleased you support my project by pushing on the button on the right hand side on the top of this page!

Thank you very much!


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