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Lego City Zoo Crocodile Pen


About This Project

This project is my idea for smaller sets that all together would make a large zoo. This is the crocodile pen for the zoo. It has a door that can open so the zookeepers can clean the pen. There are two crocodiles, three frogs, one butterfly, and three snakes.(two red and one green). Inside the pen i tried to create a mini swamp for them with some water and land. Lots of vegetation and other smaller creatures like the frogs. One large apple tree is included and smaller vegetation on the top of the pen as well. 

Play Features:

  • Pen door can open/close.


  • One minifigure. (Zookeeper).
  • Two crocodiles.
  • Three Snakes.
  • Three frogs.
  • One butterfly.
  • One minifigure push broom.

This project is a fun small to medium sized set that is fun to create and is lots of fun to play with. I think it would fit right into someone's existing zoo or give them inspiration to create some cool zoo sets of their own. If you like this set please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.

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