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Wonders of the Deep

This project is a collaboration between myself, Ihyoran, and my brother, AdmiralGloriousCrug100.
Their work is included with their permission. This build of ours represents the treasures of the deep sea. This colorful design is a century-old shipwreck that has sunken to the bottom of the ocean. The build features a coral reef overflowing with diverse pieces and colors. In the middle, the sunken ship lays cracked in half, with the coral reef making its habitat on it. The reef consists of many fun, different pieces. You will be swimming in detail in this colorful build. As a fun way to display the beauties of the sea, and many fun pieces, this build is full of detail and excitement.

The display splits in half, so you can display both sides, or put them together to make the ultimate display set! You can see the cracks in the sunken ship from ages of sand and water wearing it down. The setting is filled with beautiful life as the coral settles on the ship. Its filled with fish, has turtles, lobsters, jellyfish, starfish, and sharks. It will be an amazing set to build with all of the immersive detail, colors, and wildlife. It would be a perfect display set, and even more fun to build!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for looking at our design!!! :) We hope you enjoy it, and we hope it makes the 10,000!!! We really enjoyed building this, and we hope you like it! Again, thanks!

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