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The Christmas Bakery


Idea of build

Every year in December my mom gets these clay Christmas house's and put them next to the Christmas tree. I wanted to get her something that she could next to the Christmas tree. Looking at all the clay house's she has I noticed that she has a broken clay bakery and that gave the idea to make her a lego bakery to replace the broken one. When I was finished with the lego bakery I showed my mom how it turn out and she told me that she loved and put it next to the Christmas tree with the other clay house's. I was glad that she loved and I hope that this build gets turn into a set so other people would love it too as much my mom does, so give it your support.


Information about the build

The Christmas Bakery took me thirty hours to build and three days to plan it out. I gave it the colors brown, black, and sand color bricks to give it that relaxing, cabin, and winter feel to it.The bakery is built on a 32 x 32 baseplate. It has two floors the bakery and the break room, it also has a Santa stand next to the building. 

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