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Rogue Runner, Derby Driver, and Sprint Smasher Racing Set



This is a made-up idea that I created. I first decided to make this idea when i was building a LEGO racecar out of my own LEGO pieces. I then got the idea to modify it as a set on LEGO Digital Designer and enter it onto LEGO Ideas. 

The project comes with three distinct racers with their own cars and motorcycles. There are three different types of racers.

Rogue Runner: Rogue Runner is the green car and is made more for speed, jumps, and stunts.

Derby Driver: Derby Driver is the red car and is more for off-roading and derbies.

Sprint Smasher: Sprint Smasher is the blue car and is made for sprint racing.

The Track: The track comes with three distinct roads for each racer. The brown area is for the Derby Driver, the high turn is for Rogue Runner, and the free road is for Sprint Smasher. The racetrack can be used for practice or racing. 

Thanks for reading! Support would be very much appreciated!

Pleas tell me of any suggestions or changes needed!

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