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Working Watermill With Interior & Power Functions


Bricks At Home

Bricks At Home is a joint event by Brick Alley LEGO User Group - North East England and London AFOLs, This year it took place on February 27-28, 2021. I was honored to be chosen and contribute in the LEGO Ideas section with my WIP Japanese Watermill.


Help the Miller climb to 5000k

The Watermill just reached 2500 supporters! Thank you all for your support <3



Making of...

I have been making a lot of progress on my Watermill lately and I decided to share it with you



Meet Tao

This Is Tao, Otis son!!!





Meet Otis the Miller

I would like to introduce to you:








Dear Lego you got Mail!


* Here's something you don't see often! LEGO stamps, issued by Denmark in 1989



Working Watermilll on The Amazing Brick Network YouTube Channel

My Working Watermilll Idea was featured on The Amazing Brick Network.

In case you missed it, check out video below and jump to the 18:47!



International Cat Day 08.08.2020

When The Night Fell... The Watermill Owner lit his lantern and said goodby to his favorite cat.



The Waterwheel at Onden (Onden no suisha)

So I found this wonderful Woodblock print by Katsushika Hokusai and wanted to share it with you!!!

Fuji sits in the misty distance, a silent observer of the daily life of the peasants taking place in the foreground.

Men carry bundles uphill, women wash herbs in fresh water, while a young boy leads a turtle on a string.

Turtles, like the "fungus-shaped" clouds pictured in another print,

"Shichirigahama in Sagami Province," are associated with longevity.

source: The MET Museum



500 Supporters!!! 😍

I m so excited and I want to thank you all for supporting my Idea!!! 500+ supporters in a period of a few days!!!

So I decided to create a little add-on to my Watermill. Some new figures have arrived!!

I m happy to present: The Watermill Chronicles Episode I

Starring: The Alligator, The Toad, The Bird, The Red Snake, The two Chickens The Cat and her Kitten

and two Rats. Enjoy...

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