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Elf A “True Holiday Story” – Not kidding


A “True Holiday Story” – Not kidding

I went to the monthly LEGO build at my local LEGO store the other day with my two sons and afterwards hit up the Pick-A-Brick wall for some cool pieces to add to our collection.  We were excited to get the ball hinge pieces, some 2x2 tan jumper plates, and small studs with eyes printed on them.  Exhausted, by the time we got home from the LEGO store, it was time for my two sons to go to bed.  But before they went to bed, my oldest son told “Elf-ee” to visit his LEGO room to see all the cool LEGO Star Wars creations and custom MOCs he created and of course our latest score of bricks from the store.  Off to bed my sons went.

The next morning, my two sons jumped with glee out of bed and went to find what “Elf-ee” was up to the night before.  To their surprise there was not one, but two Elfs sitting on the kitchen counter, the normal magical holiday Elf and a LEGO brick built Elf.  My son gasped, “Elf-ee created a LEGO friend from our brick collection.”  My son then went on to say, “Dad, Elf-ee has better building techniques then even you!”  Who knew our Elf-ee was a master builder?

I thought the LEGO community would enjoy these pictures.  Happy Holidays.