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  • Hello! This is my first Lego ideas project and would love to make my first the best. 

This set is a set with fantastic frog mechs! Made with All official Lego bricks.

This set comes with 2 minifigures, 3 frogs, and 1 slithter. The mechanic comes with a wrench, a engineers helmet, and a set of hair to put on him. The trainer comes with a chest plate of armor and a staff. The Mecha frog comes with 2 swords (green bladed), 2 space guns, and a 2 tools ( wrench and hammer ). There are 3 frog mechs including the Mecha frog, and 1 slithter. Also comes with a laser base with fake controlls.

I really hope that this set will be successful and reach 10,000 suporters! Also if you want to give me tips, ideas, or anything you think would help me post it in the comment center on Lego ideas. 

Please support, it would mean the world to me even if I got 20 suporters becuase I know that poeple like my set and would pay for my creation! Also sorry for the Wierd picture I'm not used to making cool backgrounds or stuff like that.

Thanks!!!     Keep on building 


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