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Ghostbusters Scooby-Doo

Whom do you call to get rid poltergeists in your refrigerator, Janine of the Ghostbusters or Scooby, Mystery, Inc.? What if. . . two of a well-known popular classic animation TV shows like “Scooby-Doo” and “The Real Ghostbusters” help each other for the first time.
I always dream seeing something like this. My simple ideal is having a cartoon characters crossover in one set. This cute little additional combo makes a unique collection to own.

Comes with Minifigures:
- Velma Dinkley
- Shaggy Rogers with Scooby
- Janine Melnitz
- Blue Ghost Girl – Zoe
*Special Feature: It’s design for you to mix and match those Minifigures

The Mystery Machine (This is a demonstration building models)

A cool 60’s psychedelic colors in new style that driven by crime-solving teenagers.
Small-size van: Open/close doors, roof and backdoor is removable to put Detectives and Scooby in.

The Ecto-Blaster

Drive just like Ecto-1, this new 21st century hi-tech gadget vehicle to go places and get the job faster. Using the S.P.F. (Sub-Plasm Fission) in Ecto-Blaster proton container cannon, it makes a powerful weapon catching Level 10 ghosts.

One person-size vehicle: Open/close cockpit, swivel Proton Cannon and clip for storage Proton Pack back of the vehicle.

Both vehicles in scale size:
IN. 3.25 x 4.25 x 3.50 / CM. 8.26 x 10.80 x 8.90

Extra piece legs for Zoe as a ghost or human form.
*Note: It will be a transparent blue ghost leg.

Accessories come with:
* 1x Magnifying Glass
* 1x Computer Laptop
* 1x Touch Pad PKE Vision Scanner
* 2x Walkie Talkies
* 1x Ghost Girl’s Bag
* 1x Ghost Girl’s Ghost Leg

Building Models:
* 1x Proton Pack
* 1x New Ghost Containment Trap Field

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50 supporters –

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