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Sun Studio

This is the place the Rock'n'Roll was born. World famous Sun Studio, Memphis, Tennessee ! 
If there was an iconic recording studio to reproduce with Lego bircks, that would certainly be the one ! 

My version of the studio is made of around 2.300 bricks and is sized to fit the minifigures. The model is a precise reproduction of the studio's look in the 1950's, its golden age. This place contributed to the emergence of the biggest American music idols of the XXth Century : Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, or Roy Orbison, among others. 

The model has a removable roof and an opening right wall, which gives you the opportunity to have many views of the three rooms, and to place the accessories and the minifigures wherever you want. 

It comes with 11 minifigures, representing the icons of the Studio ; and a minifigure sized Cadillac 1955 Eldorado. 

I really hope that this Idea will please you. I have had a lot of fun building it ! 
Don't hesitate to share this creation and my others as well ! 

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