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Rocket League Octane VS Dominus

This LEGO set is based about a video game called Rocket League and you can play soccer using cars that are made in the game. There are two teams. One team is Blue and the other is Orange. Whichever team gets more goals under five minutes is the winning team, but if both of the teams get the same amount of goals then they will have an overtime match and see which team scores and wins the game. You could also unlock new cars and any type of customization to a car in the game.

I built this LEGO set because I thought it would be great to bring a popular Video game to life by being made out of LEGO pieces and it will be really cool to have a LEGO set like this.

I believe that this will be a great LEGO set because many people like to play this video game and many people would probably like to have something that’s related to the video game that they like to play.

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