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Galaxy Troopers Exo-Suit


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The Galaxy Troopers Exo-Suit protects the known space from the menace of alien villains, space pirates and other mysterious dangers from outer space. Powerful and versatile, it is always available where its strength or weapons are necessary. The control sensors in the innovative helmet replace the manual controls, making machine and pilot become one. Its powerful weapons have electromagnetic clamps that allow for a speedy draw.

The Sky Vanguard acts as an escort, explorer and advance unit. The helmet controls leave its hands free to engage in combat. Combined with its powerful Jetpack, the Sky Vanguard yields the same power as a small space fighter. In addition, the Jetpack can be controlled remotely and maybe used as a Drone.

The MiniDroid is equipped with powerful scanning sensors, and has a database of all known civilizations. It also fulfills additional functions, such as holographic communicator, alarm clock and camping fridge. Its maniacal attacks are just a rumour.

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