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Doctor Who - Tomb of the Cybermen


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Based on the iconic episode of the same name from 1967.

The Second Doctor & Jamie McCrimmon have taken their new friend; Victoria Waterfield to the Planet Telos. Shortly after they landed, they met an Expedition group searching for the Tombs of the Cybermen.

A saboteur seeks to awaken the Cybermen from their hibernation. Can the Doctor stop them?


If this were made into a proper LEGO set, the main thing I would work on is moulding a more accurate head & chest piece for the Cybermen & Controller.

Unfortunately, with the Tombs themselves, I couldn’t make the Cryo-Pods more screen accurate. The closest I could manage was using coffins with transparent lids. Each lid would have a Cyber Insignia printed on them. Since cling film was a major part of the TV representation of the Tombs, this inaccuracy can be overlooked.

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