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RSI Aurora XL from Star Citizen

Greetings Citizen!

Star Citizen is a space simulator that is currently under development. It is crowd funded and has earned a large following of fans and supports. I happen to be one!
The space ships in the game are varied and beautiful. I present to you my version of the Robert Space Industries Auroa XL. This is a one person craft with jump drives and a sleeping cabin. It's ideal for exploration or small cargo runs!

My model has as many details from the game that I could fit in. The Aurora fan will not the working airlocks, iconic cockpit and cozy pilot's cabin!

This is the top of the ship where you can get a sense of it's scale and unique wing configruation.

This is a side view showing the left airlock open.

The engines make this starter ship ideal for those wanting to look for new spacial anomalies!

This is the pointy end. Don't stand to close!

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