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Green Goblin Lair


Green Goblin Lair

Welcome, true believers! That arch-nemesis of the Spider-Man himself, the Green Goblin, has taken the Ol' Webhead captive to his lair! And on top of that, another goblin, the Hobgoblin, has broken in-- double trouble for our hero! Will Spidey be able to escape from the vile clutches of his greatest nemesis?

Goblins and Gliders

This set contains 4 minifigures:

  • The Green Goblin
  • Norman Osborn
  • Spider-Man
  • The Hobgoblin

I made this set with the classic Green Goblin, complete with his "bag of tricks" and classic jack-o-lantern Pumpkin Bombs. Norman Osborn, the alter ego of that green fiend, is included in this set as well. The Spider-Man minifigure is very similar to the standard one produced by Lego, but I have added a pattern on the feet for Spidey's boots. The Hobgoblin, otherwise known as Roderick Kingsley, is also in this set-- complete with hood, cape, and Razor Bat

There are three goblin gliders in this set. The Green Goblin's primary glider (on the left in the image above) is based on the classic grey Goblin Glider, with its iconic bat head. The Hobgoblin's purple glider (center), is the smallest of the three and has the bat wings characteristic of his gliders. The last glider (right) is a more high-tech glider of the Green Goblin's (as seen by the green magnetic repulsion units under each wing). It has a flick-fire missile mounted underneath. For the fans of the classics, I've also included the Green Goblin's Flying Broomstick on display, a gadget that only appeared in his first few appearances before it was replaced by the glider.

Transformation Chamber

The Goblin Formula is the green chemical compound responsible for creating the Green Goblin. This portion of the set includes a laboratory table with an erlenmeyer flask, mixing pot, ingredient bottle, syringe, and 6 vials of the formula. Up the stairs lies the transformation chamber, where Norman Osborn becomes the Green Goblin. By turning a dial underneath the chamber, you can "transform" Norman into the Goblin and vice versa.

Goblin Arsenal

The Green Goblin has used many different weapons against the wall-crawler over the years throughout comic books and movies. I kept that in mind with this set, as I included a variety of weapons. In this set are a shelf of iconic Pumpkin Bombs, a Razor-Bat rack, and a wall of various tools and firearms. Included on this wall are a spear inspired by the one used by Willem Dafoe's Goblin in Spider-Man, and a sword inspired by one used by James Franco's New Goblin in Spider-Man 3. I've also included an easter egg for the classic fans: an Asphyxiation Ghost Bomb and a Sonic Toad. These are two classic weapons from Norman's original Bag of Tricks.

Glider Workshop

In this set is a workshop for creating the high-tech glider. In this station are a computer, welding materials, and mechanical tools for Norman to make repairs and modifications to his flying vehicles after his battles with Spider-Man. Also included is a take-off or landing platform for Norman's gliders.

Spider-Man Observation Center

The Green Goblin is very insane and is driven by his hatred of Spider-Man. It is therefore fitting to have an area dedicated to studying his arch-enemy in his lair. I've included a computer with a huge viewer screen for the Goblin to analyze Spider-Man and do other research to assist him in his crime sprees. To the left of the computer is a radioactive spider under magnifying glass (perhaps the one that bit Peter?) and to the right under a glass display container is one of Spider-Man's own mechanical homing devices, a Spider Tracer. The electrified cell to capture Spider-Man can be opened and closed by bending the lightning pieces in and out. 

The entire set is about 500 pieces, so I think this set would be about $45-50. It has something for everyone and can be enjoyed by Spider-Man and Green Goblin fans young and old. If you would like to make this classic comic-based set a reality please support, follow, and comment. I would love to hear your input about this set. Don't forget to tell your friends about this set and share it wherever you can! Thank you very much! Excelsior!

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