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Maldive Beach Bungalow


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Maldive Beach Bungalow
This is a modern style beach bungalow inspired by the elevated holiday homes typically found in the Maldives. The design, based around wood decking and a wooden construction and not high rise, is aimed to be sympathetic to the environment in which it would normally be seen.
Wholly over water this bungalow rests on piers and would be linked to an island resort centre to provide central services usually found in a resort. My next project will be the resort centre such that several bungalows can be linked to the centre to create an overall resort.

• There is detail on front and back with multiple entrances, including directly into a walk in shower
• As is common with beach properties in the Maldives there are many windows to ensure a light and airy feel
• The roof is modular to see and play in the interior which has:
o Detailed bedroom with chest of drawers, bedside tables, chair and dressing table with mirror, TV
o Detailed bathroom with bath (glasss bottom to see through to the sea bed), walk in shower, sink and toilet
o Dressing area with wardrobe
• Front sundeck includes sun bed, table and steps down to a platform for swimming or sailing access
• Rear deck would link to the resort centre and has lighted guides for evening use
• Includes 2 minifigures and a luxury boat for scuba or water ski-ing

• Based on a 32 x 32 baseplate
• 1379 bricks

Decoration – Flat plates and decorated plates from LDD have been used to show pictures and the TV

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