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Classic House

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This is a new design for a lego house with full interior detailing. As you walk in there is a front garden with a water butt, on the right, and a compost bin, on the left. When you go through the front door there is a small hallway with a storage area beneath the stairs. On the left is the kitchen, fitted with oven, sink and drawers. A small hatch can pass food through to the table. The lounge features a sofa, television, cabient and fire place. Above the fire place is a monuental sword. On the table is salt, pepper and some napkins. 

As you go up the stairs a small chest of drawers appears on the hall way with a wooden squirrel for apperence. The bathroom contains a toliet and bath with a tiled wall. The master bedroom has a double bed with 2 shelves. The spare bedroom has a single bed. There is also a small cuboard for a hover and brush.

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